EGFR signaling

The input files for this example come from the following papers:

The sample names are as follows: For this example you will need also the ID maps file and the phosphorylation map file
Parameters selected for this example include a cutoff of 2 for the Ratio cutoff and 3 for the Minimum Paths and the box for motif analysis has been selected. You can play around with additional parameters to get a better grasp at how SELPHI works.


The data input file 1, 2, 3 for this example comes from: Zhang et al, SILAC-based phosphoproteomics reveals an inhibitory role of KSR1 in p53 transcriptional activity via modulation of DBC1, BJC, 2013.

For this example you will need the IDs map, the Database file and if you like to merge the replicates the file that defines how to merge the samples.

Source code

The source code will be made available as soon as the paper is accepted for publication